The Plan

• Personal Consulting

• Individualized Planning

• Vendor Assistance

• Discounted Prices


  We take care of all the planning and logistics of the big day. Want to see if your idea will hold up? Use our expertise to fine tune your big moment and have the best personalized plan for you and your love.

The Moment

  The moment has arrived and you want to make sure you can enjoy it forever. We make sure everything is in place, take our positions and capture the magic. That one moment lasting now for eternity.

• The Plan Package

• Photography On Site

• Engagement Shoot

• Preface Album


The Story

  Your story is facinating, just like you and your other half. That is why we offer a in-depth package that tells the beautiful parts of why you two belong together. This is our namesake. It is our Preface.

• The Plan Package

• The Moment Package

• Videography

• Storytelling


The Epic

  We pull out all the stops for this package. You want to go above and beyond. You need the unbelievable, and want the amazement. This is where we make sure jaws are on the floor, and everybody is left in awe.

• The Plan Package

• The Moment Package

• The Story Package

• VIP access

• Epic events & activites